Using “possible facts and conditions” (Realization number two) with sex addiction

Sex addict client gamely tried the exercise, “Possible facts and conditions” in the workbook.  Scored 17 of 21!  But had trouble translating the significance of being “sober” when starting a “bottom line behavior.”  Showed him the list of “wishful thinking” found in alcoholic/addicts taking the first drink and he identified with that.   Also got that he was not nearly as “intoxicated” at his moment of first bottom line behavior as he was by the time his family caught him in the out of control act.  The key issue seems to be to recognize being in a state of delusion at the very start, and needing to prevent that delusion from returning. That the now abstinent person is the one who either recognizes the delusion or does the work to prevent its return. Ownership.

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