The Heart of Procrastination

I warned “Sarah” she will be quoted, in writing, in workshops, and here on this blog. What she expressed is too precious.

We were looking at yet another decision to NOT do something she wanted to do, would feel good about doing, was looking forward to and,MOST important, she had TIME to do, but did not. Signing up for an advanced sewing class.

As we had her relive the moment of deciding NOT to do something she had time and opportunity to do, exploring the nuances of the experience, she pronounced: “I don’t want to be controlled by anyone, least of all me!”

Of all the procrstinators I have worked with, including myself, no one has ever said it better. The paradox is, that we are relentlessly controlled by this phobia – or is it a taboo? – for BEING controlled. Who was it that said “Freedom is the ability to choose a good master?” Whoever it was, I doubt many of us would say that the Contol Phobia is a good master.

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