Individual Psychotherapy,
A Practical Approach

Are you frustrated with your own behavior or someone else’s?Your own emotions or someone else’s? Perhaps you are frustrated with a situation or the results of your best plans or intentions. If you are even considering individual psychotherapy, you have some sense that you may have played a part in the frustration. At the very least you accept the challenge of coping with it.You take ownership.

Where do we start? We have to know what bothers you.This is not as easy as it sounds.We do clarify as much as we can with reflective discussion. After all,you already know quite a bit. The tool of “silence,” similar to mindful meditation, gives us the most direct access to things that trouble you that you have not yet put your finger on. “Reliving” an actual event and your reactions gives us access to what triggers you and to the “button” that gets pushed. “Associations” answer the crucial question – what did it mean to you? Sometimes we get clues from dreams or fantasies.

As you realize more and more clearly what is effecting you, including your own assumptions and beliefs,however unconscious, you begin to sort out what you actually control from that which you do not. Your options become clear and realistic. As you accept what you must and change what you can, your frustration diminishes.