Decision Tree

This decision tree traces a process from assessing for relapse experience, then for types of thinking at the moment of particular relapse. We may then develop “motivational discrepancies” from that thinking, using the exercizes and/or motivational enhancement interviewing. You can actually follow the preceding sentences from the top of the tree to the bottom. The discrepancies that emerge lead to tasks for maintence, the lowest row of boxes/decisions. The tasks can be used to generate the menu (not shown) for choosing an actual plan of (maintenance) action with the client. The decision tree can also be used in therapy and in supervision to locate where we are working. Are we working on acceptance of the fact that one will hurt, on the very reality of addiction? If so, are we working on a particular discrepancy the client has not yet perceived, or are we working on one of the maintenance tasks that emerges from these discrepancies? Or, are we working on acceptance of the necessity to cope without the drug? If so are we working on a coping skill, on maintenance of willingness to cope, or on maintenance of the skill itself?

Motivation for Maintenance Decision Tree

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