Workshops Introduction

For working professionals:

One of the greatest frustrations of working with the addictions is relapse. Certainly, one of the most common situations faced by the therapist is the client who had abstinence and has now lost it. The two professional workshops, “Motivation for Maintenance,” Parts I and II, turn this situation into opportunity. Yes, and motivation. Part I focuses on “wishful thinking” found at moments of relapse. Part II, not necessarily taken in order or together, addresses the “expletive” relapse. These two workshops thoroughly develop the material used in the workbook, “Getting It: Building Motivation for Relapse.”  (The workbook is user friendly, meant to stand on its own, does not require the workshops for an experienced counselor.)  The  Healthy Coping Skills workshop is for counselors to help clients learn and practice the SPARROW model for coping with living problems instead of relapsing or any other self-defeating reaction. The SPARROW model is found in my book, White Knuckles and Wishful Thinking, not in the workbook.  Click on links to the left (under “GettingItWorkbook” and “Workshops Introduction”) to see descriptions of Parts I and II, also of Healthy Coping Skills. There is also a link for a one-day version of the relapse workshops.