United Kingdom Tour(s)

Wanted for 2015:                                                                              


Workshop sponsor/partners: you fill the chairs  and I fill the program!


Your risk: the cost of marketing and a venue.

My risk: all of my expenses, including travel to/from US and UK

You gain: fifty percent of net (after marketing and venue cost, if any)

I gain: fifty percent of net (after marketing and venue cost, if any,) plus book sales.


What we will offer:

Two-day“motivation-for-maintenance” workshops for counselors, can combine into one-day for convenience. Integrates motivational skills with Twelve Step solutions, using moments of relapse.

Also offer a one-day coping skills workshop. All workshops can also be offered directly to those in recovery.

Workshop descriptions on menu for this webpage – youtube clips, too!



Have blocked out March 10 through  21 of 2014 – Have one partner in London during that time so far.   Open to almost any date not already scheduled, if there are enough partners in enough cities.


Note: Also have conference-proven ninety-minute PowerPoints.   Use me for a fund-raiser! (fee negotiable). also available for in-house training or patient workshops. Also available on Skype.


Contact: George DuWors at (U.S.) 425-213-2657 or gduwors@yahoo.com.