Cover Art: “The Magnitude of the First Drink” by Sylvane Despretz


Hopefully, you will find everything here to inform  your decision to use this workbook.  The menu links on the left let you choose what  you would most like to know. To give you a little more of an idea:

1. “What it is”  lays out  the essence of the workbook in a bullet format.

2. “Blog” gives you my weekly thoughts, mostly arising from actual use of the workbook .

3. “Origins and Development”  is a narrative sketch of how these ideas evolved over the decades.

4. “Articles Behind Workbook” gives you five articles published since 2006 which lay out the clinical and theoretical basis for the workbook.

5.”Workshops Introduction”  offers you a menu of its own for learning this material  and/or bringing it to your setting.

6. “Facilitator”s Guide” is still under construction, will be an important page for those of you who have purchased the workbook .