Some initial feedback on the workbook

Have received some initial feedback on the workbook, very positive. It comes from people who know me and know my work with the two kinds of relapse thinking. One said,” there isn’t anything comparable out there that I have seen that personalizes relapse syndrome as this does.” However, this same person thought the workbook might require “a clientele that can engage in a little abstract thinking.” And a counselor who tried the workbook in a Suboxone support group reports that they rejected it out of hand, because they weren’t “college students.” Working with this version in individual sessions, I have seen clients struggle with the wording. At this point, I am striving to make it more and more user-friendly. I am actually more interested in the criticisms them the compliments, for that reason. One of my thoughts is to begin directly with the client’s personal experience of the moment of relapse. Another is to include illustrations from the book which give a visual depiction of what the client may be struggling to “get.” A facilitator’s guide, possibly posted on my website, might also help. At the same time, I have attended a workshop on self-publishing. I am very excited about the ability to have a first version out there, on a pay for printing basis, in the next few months.

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