The Heart of Procrastination, sequel

Read first entry, below, first!

“Sarah” came back a week later and said she had signed up for her long procrastinated sewing class. After what she had expressed the week before, it was just as crucial to identify what enabled her to act THIS time.

We went over the externals – money available, time, intention, opportunity. All of them had been present at other times. The first time she used the word “control” she reported, “I wanted to show my kids that I am in control of myself.” Seems she had told them of her plan, knew they were old enough to remember.

In essence, Sarah decided it was better to be controlled by (her own desire to be a good role model for) her kids, than by (her own phobia for) not being controlled by ANYONE.

Ownership. Accountability. Such dreary words for getting out of the prison of procrastination.

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